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How to choose a sound with good quality?
Tips for choosing a sound with good sound quality

How to judge the quality of a pair of speakers?

As the terminal equipment of audio frequency, the sound box is like the voice of a person, which determines the quality of a set of sound to a great extent. It's no exaggeration to say that choosing a good pair of speakers is the key to the success of a set of sound, so it's not allowed to be careless. Throughout the market, there are many kinds of audio, such as portable speakers, plug-in speakers, small speakers, computer speakers, Bluetooth speakers, mobile k-song speakers, etc., with different quality and prices, so there should be "golden eye" in the selection of audio. Just like the "look, smell, ask and cut" of traditional Chinese medicine, before listening, we can use "view, weigh, knock and recognize" to have a preliminary understanding of the speaker, that is, one view of technology, two weigh, three knock on the box and four recognize the nameplate. We can start from the following aspects:

1. Watch the craft

It is to judge the quality of the speakers from their appearance. The quality of the speakers made of natural wood is always reassuring.

2. Weigh up

There is a saying in the field of acoustics that "the expert looks at the quality and the layman weighs the weight". A heavy speaker must be better than a light one. Good speakers are mostly made of 18mm, 25mm high-quality MDF particle board, * flagship speakers are made of overweight solid wood or multi-layer composite plywood such as red sandalwood and yellow pomelo, so the weight is very amazing. A pair of speakers has a net weight of 560kg. Most of the loudspeakers are made of soft particleboard or even poor paper glue board, so they are usually light in weight. In addition, some bad businesses will also take advantage of the habit of consumers, and fill the box with sand and stone cement to increase weight, and weigh it carefully.

3. Knock box

Knock the baffle plate of the box body up, down, left and right, front and back by hand. If each side makes a solid and slight brittle sound, then the plate material used for the speaker is hard and thick, and there are multiple stiffeners inside to support it. The box body structure is reasonable and strong, and there are good measures for sound insulation and standing wave prevention. This kind of box body has high processing cost, great difficulty, and few fake and inferior products. If there is a "puff, puff" air noise when knocking on the box, it means that the plate is too thin, the material quality is too poor, the structure is unreasonable, and there is no sound-absorbing material or reinforcing rib to maintain inside, resulting in a large number of diffuse reflection and standing wave formation in the box body. This kind of sound box can never get good playback effect.

4. Brand recognition

Mark * speaker attaches great importance to brand image and enterprise popularity, so the nameplate mark is very standard, exquisite indicators, enterprise name and place of origin. A really good speaker has a well-made gold-plated or chrome plated nameplate, which is generally engraved with distinctive trademarks, companies, names, places of origin, corresponding indicators, etc. The import box is in English. If only one country's name is designed or vaguely marked, even in addition to a few simple and very loose basic indicators, neither the place of origin nor the manufacturer's trademark nor the registered mark can be seen. Most of these three no products are suspected of counterfeiting or shoddy.